Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Traffic Monsoon: How to make money in Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is a full service, professional advertising company. They have the ability to deliver 1000s of targeted visitors to your ads in a short amount of time as well as offer their members free ways to earn cash just from using their services. Traffic Monsoon sells Ad Plans that come with a revenue sharing position that will allow you to earn up to 110% of what you paid for your package.

How can I make Money with Traffic Monsoon?

 1.Cash Links: The first, and easiest way to earn money using Traffic Monsoon is to surf at least 10 sites in the
traffic exchange each day. This will allow you to receive Cash Links to click throughout the day, as they 
become available.
 2. Referral Cash Links: Earn 100% of what your referrals earn when they click Cash Links.  Sponsor others into TM and get100% match on their cash link earnings    
 3.. Referral Purchases: Earn 10% commissions on their advertising purchases that your referrals make.
 4. Revenue Sharing: To begin Traffic Monsoon's revenue sharing option, you must purchase a PPC (Pay Per Click) Service with Sharing Position. This includes 20 PPC Banner Credits, 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits, and one Revenue Sharing position for $50. With this Revenue Sharing position you can earn up to $55 (so basically, all of the money you paid for the advertising plus some). To earn your share of the advertising revenue, you must click 10 sites daily in the traffic exchange. This should be easy enough since you are already doing this to receive your cash links and referral earnings! 

Click on my link to check it out.. If you need a payment processor like PayPal or Pyaza join first and You would  
need your link . once you are inside. They also have Solid Trust Pay were you can use your credit card.
Also as soon as you join.. stroll down on the dash board  you will see claim and claim the cents.

Then on top of that there is a shaded green palce it says start surfing on that and start surfing  minimum 10 sites.. make sure to let the timer run out and click it 10 sites.. and u r good to go for another 24 hrs..make sure not to let the timer run out or your claim money will expire.. 
The solution of mine for that is every 12 hours or approximately around tat time which is convenient for you
surf 10 sites and keep it qualified,
I personally surf more upto 50 or 100 and use it for advertising my other sites. you can surf as many as you like 
to get credits for advertisement.  Traffic monsoon advertisement seems to be pretty good  at this time.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Traffic Monsoon update!

  Message update from the owner

People are catching the vision of Traffic Monsoon.

For marketers, Traffic Monsoon is a marketing hub. Some of these leaders have said that Traffic Monsoon has all the components of a billion dollar business. If it becomes one, they recognize that it won't make me rich, but all those revenues get shared with members who qualify.

1. Can sign-up for free, get traffic, and earn from cash links free. This makes it easy to go viral.
2. All services are major cost savings over google. When geo-targeting is finished, they intend to contact local shops, restaurants, and businesses to advertise on TM.
3. Home Based Business is a Billion Dollar Industry ($427 BILLION per year in the USA alone)
- A New Home Based Business is started every 12 seconds
- There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA (all of these business owners need traffic to their websites)
- Over 70% of the world would like to earn more money from home.
4. All the services are designed to connect people with other people in the industry.

When thinking about sustaining a business, we all realize that what sustains a business is the service/product being offered. When something is well priced, and of good quality, people will continue to buy again and again.

Why do people go to McDonalds / Starbucks / Walmart / etc
- Low cost
- Quality
- Convenience
- Easy

Traffic Monsoon sells advertising services at low cost, the services hold quality, it's convenient to setup campaigns on TM to reach an audience within multiple advertising resources, it's very easy, and user friendly.

Connecting the right offers, to the right people, at the right time... generating leads, driving traffic, and increasing abundance through advertising on TM, then TM shares the sales revenues with qualified members.

So many things have been discussed it's impossible to share them all here, but there's big moves being made.

-- People in attendance were from Norway, Morocco, Thailand, France, and drove in from Whales, Scotland, and came from other places to attend these meetings.

We're picking up more momentum.

Geo-Targeting coming soon. You'll have the ability to target ads to specific continents, countries, states, and cities!

Charles Scoville

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tools for internet Business: Payment processor Paypal

When you are doing a online business you would need a payment processor.. there are many
like paypal pyaza,solid trust,payspree,bitcoin and lot more others...

Here is  My Paypal link of mine if you ever need it...

We've all encountered PayPal in one form or another and it needs no introduction as a merchant service provider. Most of us will have used the California-based firm when making purchases online, particularly when it was introduced as the preferred partner of eBay. The online auction site now wholly owns PayPal, which has been in operation since 1998, and has expanded its list of merchant services. Unsurprisingly the company specializes in taking online payments, mostly through allowing customers to link their websites to PayPal and accept money through the payment gateway. Customers can also use a device which connects to their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to accept payments on-the-go and in-person.

PayPal is a wholly online merchant service, meaning that the company provides no physical PoS equipment besides the mobile reader. Equipped simply with your website and the software that partners it to PayPal, the only stage in the process is to embed the infamous 'Buy Now' buttons that your customers will recognize from around the web. One of the greatest features of PayPal is its universal acceptance of most payment methods, beyond just credit cards and including immediate bank transfers.
Becoming a PayPal merchant will allow your business to also send invoices, set up recurring payments and accept international payments from almost 200 countries. The recognised PayPal seal is synonymous with flawless security that will let your customers purchase in confidence.

It goes without saying that PayPal's merchant services are most suited to online businesses. The ease-of-use and universal recognition that the company has built over the years has meant that it has become one of the most trusted and used payment gateways in the world. On top of the multitude of payment options and ancillary merchant services, the PayPal network includes PCI compliance and an array of security measures.

 Signing up for a PayPal merchant account is outstandingly simple, requiring just the completion of an online application form. The vast majority of applications are successful, with the Californian company approving 98% of all retailer accounts. Payment can be taken almost immediately after approval, once you have embedded the 'Buy Now' buttons onto your website and linked them to your account.

 The most outstanding feature of PayPal's fee structure is that it forgoes the monthly statement fees, set-up fees and gateway costs. There's also no monthly minimum for using PayPal and retailers will be pleased to see their opening discount rate at 2.9%; with the ability to further better this by increasing sales volume. $0.30 is the cost per transaction and there is no address verification fee.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Traffic Monsoon

Join for FRee and Make at least 5cents a day clicking 5links..and surf 10 sites within 24hrs
save that and get bigger money making site which i will give u later
This way you will start with zero money from your pocket. Well this is the slow way..but nothing to loose.will take about 5 to 10 min a day. Also if you get 10 referrals  you will be making much much more....

 More referrals will be more money for you.

10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $30 from your referral clicks
10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $365 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $1,500 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $18,250 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $36,500 from your referral clicks

This is not a guarantee of income, but an example of what you can earn by referring new members to Traffic Monsoon who click on cash links.

There are really 4 opportunities to earn with traffic monsoon.

-- paid to click
-- using ad services to generate leads to make money in your primary business
-- revenue sharing
-- direct sales commissions

 Come and Join me and I will help you

Main Objective:

TrafficMonsoon was established with a clear mission in mind: to provide high quality ad services for affordable prices, and share revenues for a perfect winning combination that will lead to the ultimate success of our customers.
We've each been through a hard road, and faced struggles and challenges in our way. Each of these experiences have given us strength, and desire to offer solutions to others who might be struggling to obtain quality services, and make it easier for people to finally earn money online.
We aspire to go beyond the standards set by others, and progress forward to raise the bar of excellence. We believe that true prosperity & success can be accomplished as our community shares its goals, and focuses on efforts to bring these services into the hands of those who need them most.
If we succeed in our mission, then the services we offer will have repeat buyers due to the quality and ability to deliver massive amounts of traffic, which will generate continuous sharing of revenues with those who participate in the program.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Social Share

 I have been working on creating more social share,In the past I ignored them thinking
I do not have time for all this.. But I have come to a stage in my online business. I feel
I have realized the value of these and have been working at it little by little. Though it is
 not up to par with what it should look like, I feel one has to start somewhere. I can always
make it look better in time. The most important thing is to start it and  make use of its value.
One day when I don't have to sit and market my biz too much ( that might be a dream).
Since all businesses need constant updates.

The other thing is i am diligently trying to also boost others who help me along the way.
Which was my other weakness. When you are on social share.. you must also take care of others.
Because we all need each other.

 So If you come to visit here click one or two of them just to give me a boost..
Here are some of my links

Social Share