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Power Lead System Compensation Questions

The Power Lead System is an all-in-one marketing system platform including a vast array of features. It's powered by Priceless Possibilities who's been creating custom marketing systems for nearly two decades. The Power Lead system provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to grow their business and make more sales, as they promote the business of their choice.What exactly is the Power Lead System Product?

Do you pay out 100% commissions?

Yes, we do pay out 100% commissions; however, not to one person. For example, let's imagine that you personally sponsor Bob and passed him up to your sponsor. Then if Bob enrolls Sue, Bob would earn $20 of the $30 paid by Sue, while you would make a 50% matching bonus on Bob's payline (which in this case would be $10 from the $20 earned by Bob). The total payout on Sue would be $20 to Bob and $10 to you (because you get a 50% match on the earnings from anyone you personally sponsor). All commissions are monthly.

What is the 50% match and who do I make that on? 

The 50% match is a term used to describe the fact that you will earn a 50% matching bonus on the entire payline commission total of everyone you personally sponsor. For example, if you sponsor Mark, and Mark is earning $1000 per month from his payline... you would earn a $500 per month matching bonus. This 50% match is paid on the entire payline commission total, of ALL your personally sponsored sales, including your personal sales that you roll up.

What is a Payline? 

Payline is a term used to describe your direct line of pay. For example, if you made 10 personally sponsored sales, you would keep 5 sales of those 10, directly on your payline. If those 5 did the same, you'd have 25 new sales that were passed up to YOUR payline. This process never stops creating an infinite earning potential, directly from your payline.

Can I make money from anywhere other than my payline? 

Yes, you will make a 50% matching bonus on the entire payline commission total of anyone you personally sponsor.

Do I make any money from someone else's 50% match? 

No, it's not possible to pay commissions on matching bonuses.

On launch day, how do I sign up?

You will need to go to your personal referral chart link. Click Here for example.

When I refer a new customer, how much do I make?

You'll make $20/mth for all of your 'odd' numbered personally sponsored sales/customers. Once you've rolled up 5 sales, every fifth sale thereafter rolls up. (sales 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. roll up)

How much do I make on sales that roll up to me?

You make $20/mth on all sales that land on your payline/frontline, whether you made them personally, or if they rolled up to you.

When I make a sale that rolls up, do I lose all future commissions from what that person does?

Absolutely not. You will make a 50% matching bonus on the entire payline commission total of any sale that you make that rolls up. For example: If you sponsor Joe and Joe rolls up, and Joe is earning $1000/mth from his payline, you will make a 50% matching bonus: $500/month.

What happens if one of the sales that rolled up to my payline, quits?

To ensure the utmost integrity and fairness in the compensation plan, all sales rolling up to you must remain active. If one of them quits, the software will require a replacement. For example: Joe has already made 5 sales that rolled up to your payline. If one of those five quit, the software would then take Joe's next 'even' numbered sale and roll them up to your payline to replace the one who quit.

Do I make any money from affiliate fees?

No. Commissions are only made from the sale of products.

Can I just be a customer only?

Yes, if you'd prefer to be a customer only and not earn commissions, it's $30/mth. To become an affiliate is completely optional. (additional $23.97/mth)

What do I get when I become an Affiliate?

Power Lead System (PLS) Affiliates get the Endless FREE Leads V 8.0 training program at NO charge ($299 value). As well, (PLS) Affiliates will receive additional training above what is offered to PLS Customers and FLFS Members. Last but not least, only PLS Affiliates are able to get compensated for PLS customers.

Is there any training on how to use the system?

Yes. We have live trainings every week, as well as tutorial videos for every feature. It's all just 'point & click', and extremely simple to use.

Is there any training or direction on how to market online?

Yes. We have we an entire training area packed with simple to follow instructions. You will be given many proven places to advertise including top solo ad vendors, done-for-you advertising choices, and live training showing you exactly what to do.

Do you offer any additional products?

Yes. (Coming soon...) We'll have a ($150/month) 'Premier' training package available for purchase from your back office. This will be an amazing package including exclusive training products from some of the industry's top marketers. 'Premier Pack' sales follow the 'Accelerated Leverage' compensation model, and you must be an affiliate who owns the 'Premier Pack' product to receive 'Premier Pack' commissions.

Are there any refunds given?

We have a strict non-refund policy due to the fact we give you a 7 day free trial. You can easily cancel from your back office at any time, and if you cancel before your 7 day trial is over, you will never be charged.

Why don't I have access to a back office to see how many people I have enrolled?

It would have taken us 6 or 7 days to do the programming to allow you to see who you enrolled and who they enrolled etc.

The feedback we received was to launch the PLS as soon as possible. You should be getting an email notification every time you refer someone who enrolls on your Early Notification List page.

What if I'm not getting an email notification when someone enrolls on my Early Notification List page?

We have heard from a very few people that they aren't getting an email notification when someone registers on their Early Notification List page. For the few who said they aren't getting their email notifications, this has happened mainly for people using gmail (and once for someone with hotmail).

We definitely are storing people who enroll in our database and tracking them to you. When its time to go live and sign up, we will call you as well as email you to ensure you know when and where to sign up so that you get credit for anyone who is under you.

One thing you can do is to tell your email provider to white list our email address:

If you are using gmail, we suggest you try the following to make sure you get our emails:

1. Log in to your Gmail account and click the gear icon and then "settings".

2. Next, click the "filters" tab and click "Create a new filter".

3. In the From field, enter

4. In the To field, enter your email address and then click "Create filter with this search".

5. Choose your action, ie. When a message arrives that matches this search: Check the box beside "Never send it to Spam".

6. Click on "Create Filter".

Is there any email follow-up (autoresponder) for people who register through my PLS pre-launch link and is there any way to track who has registered?

Yes there is a 3 message campaign that is automatically sent to those who enroll on the Early Notification List (ENL) page.

When you refer a prospect to your Early Notification List page, then you will get an email telling you that someone signed up, however you will not know if that person referred others until after we launch.

As previously mentioned, in order to save time and get the launch live as quickly as possible, we set things up this way so that we can make sure anyone signing up gets a link generated for them right away so that they can refer others who refer others etc.

When is the PLS Launch and how would people enroll?

The PLS will officially launch on September 30, 2013 at 1pm Pacific time (4pm EST) and last for 72 hours and end on Thursday October 3, 2013 at 1pm Pacific time (4pm EST).

People who have enrolled directly under you would be allowed to enroll before people they have enrolled etc.

We will be sending out an advance notification with a limited time frame for them to sign up so that we can protect the genealogy of the people you have referred as well as those they have referred.

How much is it to become a Customer?

The monthly fee to become a PLS Customer is $30 per month. The tools behind PLS have been priced at the same $30 per month fee for the last decade (but have never been offered in an income opportunity like PLS till now)!

Is there any fee to become an Affiliate and if so how much is it?

There is a $23.97 monthly fee to be an Affiliate. You earn $20 per month from your 1st customer as well as everyone else on your Payline and ... Anyone on your Payline will pass up every other one of their first 10 sales to you etc.!

Watch the compensation video to see how you could literally earn an unlimited income from referring just 1 customer.

What makes the PLS different from other 100% compensation programs?

Just 1 (of many) things the PLS offers that is different from other programs is that we allow you to give away an UNLIMITED number of Free Lead Systems.

This makes it very easy to get people to sign up and once they do, then PLS Customers can have those people learn about PLS or their primary business.

The Free Lead System (FLS) members are highly motivated to share their FLS links because that is what creates leads for them.

This can have a viral effect where a FLS member creates a FLS member who creates a FLS member (all of which are not paying anything) that eventually leads to someone who wants to upgrade to become a PLS customer where you get paid the $20 per month commission!

Besides the many unique features of the PLS, we also have a very unique "twist" on the 100% commission model where you will earn a 50% match on the entire payline of all of your pass up sales.

This can be huge and instead of getting ZERO on your pass ups like most other opportunities, now you can earn a LOT from your pass up sales.

Is the PLS a MLM?

Absolutely NOT ... the PLS is a Viral Affiliate program and is not a MLM. You get paid for people on your Front Line (or PAYLine) as well as the people you pass up. However, due to the Pass Up component of the PLS, you can have viral growth of people passing up people to your frontline which is where you get paid (and very nicely) because you get paid $20 out of the $30 from everyone on your front line. There's NO MLM that I've ever seen that pays out that percentage of income from your sales.

What payment processors will be used for PLS and how will commissions will be paid out?

We will be using an E-Wallet that has an option for you to get a debit card. The Debit card is a Visa card and works in 188 different countries.

What countries can I promote the Power Lead System?

We use a Visa Debit card to pay commissions which works in the following 188 Countries - Click To View.

Why don’t I see any sub menu buttons when I hover my mouse over the main buttons?

We have just noticed that some people with Internet Explorer have an issue with our main buttons where it won’t show the sub menu buttons when you put your mouse on the main buttons. Can you use any other browser while we look into fixing this soon?

How do I send a broadcast to the people who are on my list?

If you don't have your people in a GROUP in your Contact Manager, then do that 1st by clicking on "Contacts" and then click on "Group Manager". Once you have a GROUP created and have added members to the group, then put your mouse on "Email/Voice/Text" then select "Email" then select "Send Campaigns" then follow the steps on that page (this assumes you already have an email campaign you want to send). If you don't have an email campaign you want to send, then put your mouse on "Email/Voice/Text" then select "Email" then select "Add Campaigns".

I have my domains at GoDaddy, and want to clarify the $5 or $25 charge... I am simply paying to have you manage the name servers on your end so I can add subdomains, etc. on the back office, correct?

Meaning, I am not "transferring" my domain to your registrar ... I want to keep my domain at GoDaddy as I have better pricing there through my domain discount club there. I also have over 100 domains there and get bulk pricing as well.

So what I want to make sure is super clear, that there is no "transfer" away from GoDaddy and I am not giving you control and have to renew through your registrar ... correct?

You would be "transferring" the domain to be with us. If you want to keep your domains at Go Daddy that's fine but you do need to buy at least 1 domain (or transfer 1) from us to unlock all the features as we use that to make sure people aren't spamming (i.e. we can shut down their account and it would just effect THEIR domain and not everyone else).

You would be "transferring" the domain to be with us. If you want to keep your domains at Go Daddy that's fine but you do need to buy at least 1 domain (or transfer 1) from us to unlock all the features as we use that to make sure people aren't spamming (i.e. we can shut down their account and it would just effect THEIR domain and not everyone else).

Click on the "Websites" button near the top of your admin area. Then in Step 2 select "become a prospect for whatever I want", then look in the section called "Bypass Lead Capture Pages" for the page you want to use.

I'm interested in creating a hangout page for my primary business; do I use one of the video sales pages to do that?

We will be doing a training on that soon and then it will be in the Training area.

 I transferred my domain into the system, but when I click on "Websites" it doesn't give me an option to make new subdomains, it just takes me to the landing page set up. What do I need to do?

Do NOT "Click" on "Websites", instead put your mouse on "Websites" and then you will see "Domains/SubDomains" and then from the "Manage SubDomains".

Why don’t I see the Free Lead System?

We apologize as we had a last minute issue right before launch (which is why the launch was delayed a few hours on September 30th), but in addition caused us to not complete putting the Free Lead System online (its 95% done). We had 1 other key issue come up that we're working on 1st and then will go back and get the Free Lead System online which we're expecting near the beginning of the week of October 7th.

Why can’t I log in?

Are you MANUALLY typing in your username and password? Sometimes if you COPY and PASTE a username and/or password you will have a blank space at the end of it even though it doesn't look like it to you. Therefore we strongly suggest you manually type in your username and password. 

I am an affiliate and can’t find the Endless Free Leads 8.0. Where is it?

We apologize as we had 2 issues come up that delayed us and we expect to have the Endless Free Leads online by October 8th.

What countries that aren't on the current list does PLS support (for example Columbia, Nigeria and China)?

China: Your affiliates in China can cash out to a bank account. They cannot request a prepaid card.

Columbia: Affiliates right now can only cash out using a wire. We will have a direct deposit solution for them in December though. Visa Prepaid cards will not be sent to Columbia

Nigeria: Currently there are no options for Nigeria. Depending on demand we may turn on direct deposits and wires in January 2014

 How do I see my downline and commissions and how do I get paid?

The people under you will automatically get an email from us telling them to sign up. After the launch is over, then we'll update the genealogy because we won't know until the launch is over who upgraded and who did not.

Once we have updated the genealogy, you will get access to a report so you can see your commissions etc. Then you will see a link to be able to sign up for our e wallet service to get paid where they can fund a visa debit card for you or deposit it in your bank account.

We use an ewallet service called HyperWallet and will be posting a link to them where you can order a Visa debit card to have your commissions deposited to your card that you can use anywhere Visa is accepted. As well, you can have your commissions deposited into your bank account (there's a higher fee to do that) and you will have all the details soon.

I saw a Broadcast Message that was sent to my Referral list who enrolled on the Early Notification List page. However, I noticed that some of them were not on the Broadcast. Is there an explanation?

That is a GOOD thing because people don't show up on our Broadcast IF they have already sign up! After the official launch period they will show up in your repo

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