Thursday, 3 October 2013

POWER LEAD SYSTEM, YOU can Receive 3 Sign Ups for the Price of ONE!

xplocia is integrated with  This Power Lead System
Our Power Lead System Launched on Sep 30th 
Power Lead System has now launched and is VERY impressive! What every network marketer out there needs! All the tools and training in one place and a tremendous compensation plan attached

Once you Activate we will be helping to Integrate and Incorporate the Unified Wealth Team Build Concept into it along with Xplocial and The Penny Matrix and the Call Center Signups and then have PLS BE our WEB Selling System!

So we will have an ALL IN ONE Web MarketingSystem that we can Share and Build 3 Residual Incomes ALL with ONE LINK, One System!

Also WE Will HAVE Our Monthly Co-op that will Get YOU Paid Sign Ups and How we will do it is Send YOUR PLS Link and when someone Signs Up they will in almost every case SIGN UP for PLS, Xplocial Gold or Platinum AND The Penny Matrix!!So YOU can Receive 3 Sign Ups for the Price of ONE!

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