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Traffic Monsoon: How to make money in Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is a full service, professional advertising company. They have the ability to deliver 1000s of targeted visitors to your ads in a short amount of time as well as offer their members free ways to earn cash just from using their services. Traffic Monsoon sells Ad Plans that come with a revenue sharing position that will allow you to earn up to 110% of what you paid for your package.

How can I make Money with Traffic Monsoon?

 1.Cash Links: The first, and easiest way to earn money using Traffic Monsoon is to surf at least 10 sites in the
traffic exchange each day. This will allow you to receive Cash Links to click throughout the day, as they 
become available.
 2. Referral Cash Links: Earn 100% of what your referrals earn when they click Cash Links.  Sponsor others into TM and get100% match on their cash link earnings    
 3.. Referral Purchases: Earn 10% commissions on their advertising purchases that your referrals make.
 4. Revenue Sharing: To begin Traffic Monsoon's revenue sharing option, you must purchase a PPC (Pay Per Click) Service with Sharing Position. This includes 20 PPC Banner Credits, 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits, and one Revenue Sharing position for $50. With this Revenue Sharing position you can earn up to $55 (so basically, all of the money you paid for the advertising plus some). To earn your share of the advertising revenue, you must click 10 sites daily in the traffic exchange. This should be easy enough since you are already doing this to receive your cash links and referral earnings! 

Click on my link to check it out.. If you need a payment processor like PayPal or Pyaza join first and You would  
need your link . once you are inside. They also have Solid Trust Pay were you can use your credit card.
Also as soon as you join.. stroll down on the dash board  you will see claim and claim the cents.

Then on top of that there is a shaded green palce it says start surfing on that and start surfing  minimum 10 sites.. make sure to let the timer run out and click it 10 sites.. and u r good to go for another 24 hrs..make sure not to let the timer run out or your claim money will expire.. 
The solution of mine for that is every 12 hours or approximately around tat time which is convenient for you
surf 10 sites and keep it qualified,
I personally surf more upto 50 or 100 and use it for advertising my other sites. you can surf as many as you like 
to get credits for advertisement.  Traffic monsoon advertisement seems to be pretty good  at this time.

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