Monday, 6 April 2015

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Traffic Monsoon update!

  Message update from the owner

People are catching the vision of Traffic Monsoon.

For marketers, Traffic Monsoon is a marketing hub. Some of these leaders have said that Traffic Monsoon has all the components of a billion dollar business. If it becomes one, they recognize that it won't make me rich, but all those revenues get shared with members who qualify.

1. Can sign-up for free, get traffic, and earn from cash links free. This makes it easy to go viral.
2. All services are major cost savings over google. When geo-targeting is finished, they intend to contact local shops, restaurants, and businesses to advertise on TM.
3. Home Based Business is a Billion Dollar Industry ($427 BILLION per year in the USA alone)
- A New Home Based Business is started every 12 seconds
- There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA (all of these business owners need traffic to their websites)
- Over 70% of the world would like to earn more money from home.
4. All the services are designed to connect people with other people in the industry.

When thinking about sustaining a business, we all realize that what sustains a business is the service/product being offered. When something is well priced, and of good quality, people will continue to buy again and again.

Why do people go to McDonalds / Starbucks / Walmart / etc
- Low cost
- Quality
- Convenience
- Easy

Traffic Monsoon sells advertising services at low cost, the services hold quality, it's convenient to setup campaigns on TM to reach an audience within multiple advertising resources, it's very easy, and user friendly.

Connecting the right offers, to the right people, at the right time... generating leads, driving traffic, and increasing abundance through advertising on TM, then TM shares the sales revenues with qualified members.

So many things have been discussed it's impossible to share them all here, but there's big moves being made.

-- People in attendance were from Norway, Morocco, Thailand, France, and drove in from Whales, Scotland, and came from other places to attend these meetings.

We're picking up more momentum.

Geo-Targeting coming soon. You'll have the ability to target ads to specific continents, countries, states, and cities!

Charles Scoville

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