Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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 I have been working on creating more social share,In the past I ignored them thinking
I do not have time for all this.. But I have come to a stage in my online business. I feel
I have realized the value of these and have been working at it little by little. Though it is
 not up to par with what it should look like, I feel one has to start somewhere. I can always
make it look better in time. The most important thing is to start it and  make use of its value.
One day when I don't have to sit and market my biz too much ( that might be a dream).
Since all businesses need constant updates.

The other thing is i am diligently trying to also boost others who help me along the way.
Which was my other weakness. When you are on social share.. you must also take care of others.
Because we all need each other.

 So If you come to visit here click one or two of them just to give me a boost..
Here are some of my links


https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#st=p&n=6e0ddeff-ba5e-42bd-b917-07b8e83a2631  https://myspace.com/discover/videos?chartType=heavyrotation&genreId=0

Social Share

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  1. Nimi, your blog is very good. Wish you a great success.

  2. Dear Manojsir,
    I am honored that you came to visit me here, much obliged.

  3. You have a well ordered site here Nimi!
    May you have real success with all your programmes!